As a UX designer, my job is to find solutions. If there is a problem and a set of limitations I need to figure out how to make it work. In this post I will comment on the first steps when approaching a complex UX project: research.

The house by the roof

Whenever we are on the starting line before a long-term project, we tend to think about the final result. In how the UI will be like, the cool animations that the tool will have, all the new functionalities that we will introduce, etc. And that is, in my opinion, a mistake. At the…

This is a list based on my own professional experience with certain projects in which I have learned a lot by doing it right but also doing it (obviously) wrong.

Everything in life is a path, and we have to learn from both triumphs and defeats. But mainly about defeats in order to not make the same mistakes again.

Forget users, think people.

Leaving the ego aside, we cannot assume in a project that we are the users. We are not. We have to listen, observe and learn from their behaviors. Many times we assume that users will do X interaction because it is…

All the things I have experimented with this trend thought the webs & apps

Music Player screens by Michael Yonke

Using dark color schemes in the UI design is nothing new nowadays. However, it was in 2019 when the dark mode became one of the hottest design trends.

It seems like users have again crazy over the dark theme after getting back mode options in Mac OS, Apple iOS and android as well as across popular apps and platforms. It’s very tempting to jump into this design trend, but we really need to know how to do it the right way.

Why we love dark mode?

many of us like it…

Correctly configuring iCloud is an odyssey for the base user. iCloud Drive is inexplicably confusing. The promise of simplifying experiences with switching from iPhoto to Photos for Mac has turned out to be exactly the other way around: now the user is much more confused.

Little by little, users switch to alternative services. The “we defend privacy” excuse is no longer valid with such glaring failures.

It pains me a lot to say it, but from the point of view of UX, iCloud is a real disaster today. Seeing impotence in icloud users who do not understand the service is…

User experience is a relatively new discipline that has quite complex and interesting roots. It is not written in stone, since every day it evolves and updates itself. However, there are a number of principles and approaches that underpin the foundation on which the UX is built.

Experience design and user-centered design is the right way to design, not just products and services, but to transform entire businesses and improve people’s lives through meeting the needs and solving real problems of humans.

Everything we can learn about UX lies in the change of mentality and the theoretical and practical bases…

A simplified step guide by Lukas Rudrof

Luka Rudrof is an experienced product designer based in Nuremberg, Germany with a passion for user interfaces and web design. His planning for a new project is quite similar to the one I carry out in my day to day and we both agree that great design is actually about having a website creation process that aligns with an overarching strategy.

01_Goal identification

The initial stage is all about understanding how you can help your client.

Who is the site for?

What do the expect to find or do there?

Does the website need to…

They are NOT the same thing

Design thinking: WHO WE ARE

Design thinking is a methodology mindset and overall rules that we have to follow in order to create a product or service. It helps solve problems using a human-centred approach. The idea of design thinking was developed at IDEO and the at Stanford

Design thinking is a series of stages in a process that are simple enough for everyone to use and apply to their own work which is why it works incredible well for the majority of projects.

As Tim Brown (IDEO’s CEO) said:

Design thinking can be described as a discipline…

In The Digital field, like mostly in everything, you never stop learning. It is a continuous learning of new methodologies, mechanics and concepts. In this job there is a new term I would say almost every week. It is very important to be updated on everything new that appears on the market and stay fresh.

I will try to select the most important term to be familiar with.

Back End

Part of a website or web service that makes it work and includes applications, web servers, and databases.


A simplified form of language with very strict rules and syntax used by humans…

Simplicity is a mandatory key in a UX designer flow.

In the picture you can see Apple Remote (on the left) and a regular remote (on the right)

There are too many gurus in the UX field that agree about the simplicity principle. However, there are a lot of interpretations about this term. But we can just start from the beginning with Leonardo Da Vinci:

User Experience is about understanding users and then designing helpful products that encourage positive experiences.

Understanding users

UX Design is not “thinking like the user” it is involving the user in every part of the process. That is the only way to achive a real user understanding. Paying attention to every detail of user interaction, see what motivates him to use a product, how he uses it, what is his point of view about something that can be improved, etc.

Designing helpful products

Solutions. We should design beautiful and easy access to content, regardless of device, screen size, or context.

Positive experiences

As a designers, we need…

Cayetano Gros

Digital product designer based in Madrid. I like fun projects and working with people who feel passion for what they do.

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